Saturday, April 7, 2018

And now for the sad news:

Here is an article that I have been sent about a labor dispute that is taking place between Just Born, the company that manufactures PEEPs, Mike and Ikes, Red Hot Tamales and Goldenberg Peanut Chews.  We are highly disturbed by this.  If the union does not prevail on the pension issues, we will not be able to continue purchasing the thousands of PEEPs we use every year for this show, nor will we continue with this show.  We stand with the workers who deserve, now and in the future, to benefit from their labor and loyalty to the company.

We love PEEPs and even more than that, we love Bob Born, the inventor of PEEPs.  This has been an honorable company in the past.  We ask that they honor the union and its demands.


Friday, April 6, 2018

Thanks to Tom Johnson who is always here for us, taking the most wonderful pictures.

Thanks to all who made the PEEPs show 2018 so successful.

Thanks to our wonderful judges who bravely (some of them) publicly stuck their necks out to vote for their five favorite PEEPs.  Picured are Mayor Pam Triolo, Editor Mark Easton and Judy Easton.
Not pictured but helpful in the decisive decision was Julio Poletti of the Palm Beach Post.  There were three other judges who wish to remain anonymous. 

Mark Easton, Judy Easton, Pam Triolo
Julio Poletti
Julio Poletti's Profile Photo, Image may contain: 1 person, ocean, beard, sky, outdoor, closeup and water

This PEEPs Compilation got 1936 Votes - I think the content had a lot to do with it and it Speaks Volumes about the Climate

1836 votes for Joyce's Collage of PEEPs
Every Year Starts with PEEP Seeger: This is especially poignant this year on the 50th Anniversary of the Assassination of Martin Luther King.  Pete introduced Dr. King to "We Shall Overcome" at the Highlander School.  It became the anthem of the movement

A Ode to the Environment
 And Then There Were None- Destroying the last of the wildlife species in the world-

 Dedicated to Parkland and all of the 33,000 who die from gun violence each year
 Comic Relief- and lightening
 If I hear one more PEEP out of you I am going to turn this car around and take you home!!!
 Resist- With all those women who changed the world because they resisted oppression
 The Ship of State is Sinking- Those on the side on life rafts are the deplorable brought to Washington by this administration.  They will all go down!
Why do PEEPs like to eat snails? Because they hate fast food!
 A PEEP is like a teabag.  You don't know how strong she is until she's in hot water.
 Just like the Lilliputians captured Gulliver, the PEEPs capture an monster and will rend him harmless and save the world.

The winner from 2nd place thru 10th place The numbers next to each exhibit are the numbers of votes each one got

The "Joyce Brown Collage of Dioramas" got 1836 votes.  I will post this last, in the next post, as there are 11 different elements to this exhibit.  Here are the winners from #2 thru #10

2.    Exodus-Stan and Susan Horcharik    1252 votes

3.    Claudia Levi   Last Supper    896

4.    Sara Ortiz   PEEP-Tona     784

5.    Hammock Point Elementary School  Beach ll  624

6.    Lake Worth High School OlymPEEPS       620

7.    Caia and The Salerno Family  The PEEP-Cracker Suite   524

8.    Ruth Lynch  Save the BEEpS    496

9.    Nancy Costello  Julia PEEPs Kitchen    488

10.    Chloe Pearson Moore  Ice Skaing OlymPEEPs  436

Here are the winners numbers 11-20

11.    Cypress Trail Elementary School  PEEPS Concert   434

12.    Wreck of the PEEPs Express   Bruce Brown   429

13.    Nancy Costello  PEEPs Rally     423

14.    Lake Worth High School   Mary PEEPins      396

15.    Lake Worth High School      Where's PEEP-o    387

16.    Angelina Raya   Let's Make a Deal    358

17.    Jennifer Gironda   PEEP-Moji   346

18.    Hammock Pointe Elementary  PEEPlix  Jacinda, Melissa  345

19.    Hammock Point Elementary School  Sophia, Gina, Gabriella  Super PEEPs  294

20. Bruce Brown- The Talking PEEPs Xpress     264
Did I forget to photograph our beloved train.  It tooted and whistled and spoke and blew smoke rings.  Bruce really did it up this year.  It didn't fall off of the tracks- even once.

There were 30 exhibits that were voted on this year. Here they are in groups of 10

Switch #28 around with #30 and you about have this

21  Hammock Point Elementary School   Danger- PEEPs At Work   252

22.     Lake Worth High School    Sesame PEEPs                                 252

23.    Miles Raya   Easter Egg Hunt                                                      240

24.    Claudia  Levi  Impermanence                                                       235 

25.    Lake Worth HS  Mer_PEEPs                                                       224

26.    Melanie Raya   Family Feud                                                       198
(this file wouldn't show- will try to  bring it up later)

27.    Lake Worth High School  Be Nice to PEEPs                                188

28.    Fashion PEEPS Karen Valasquez                                                 182

29.    Nancy Costello    PEEPer Pooper                                               138

30. Lake Worth High School Fashion MSDHS                                     88